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Our history

Mercedes Country House was born out of a dream. A dream about fifteen years old. We always wanted to have a space where we could receive people just as we did in our home. For that, this space had to have our identity, transmit our values and way of living. Mercedes Country House, in addition to being a charm Hotel in the "Barrocal Algarvio", is a family space that will allow you to feel at home, away from home.

We chose the location of Medronhal as it is close to the A22 and about fifteen minutes from the center of Faro, Faro International Airport and the beach. On the other hand, our location will allow you to set up base at the Mercedes Country House and discover the Western Barlavento and the Eastern Sotavento.

As we are part of the National Agricultural Reserve, we had to comply with very strict rules for soil conservation and preservation and this means that you will find a lot of green and little concrete.

Family Run Mercedes Country House

We invite you to come to know the Mercedes Country House and discover our house, the architecture, the work of recovering a house in the Barrocal Algarvio, the friendliness of our service, the comfort, the relaxation feeling it can provide and a very important personality ... our dog Paco.

Miguel & Sofia

What's being said about Mercedes Country House

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