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           Simple but at the same time unique

Cooking Class Mercedes Country House

Local cuisine workshop

Experiencing the local food is often one of the highlights of a trip or vacation. What if, in addition to tasting the Algarve food, you could enhance your experience? At Mercedes Country House you have the opportunity to prepare your local meal together with our "chef" Miguel, who will give you the best tips on how to prepare amazing local dishes.

Wine Cellar Mercedes Country House

Wine tasting

The Mercedes Country House wine cellar is the apple of our eyes. With more than three hundred carefully selected bottles, originating from all the Portuguese wine regions and their grape varieties, tasting the “drink of the Gods” from our collection is an unique experience for everyone. Get to know a little more about the wonderful Portuguese wines with us.

Hands on the dirt

We are very proud of our vegetable garden and orchards. We adopt the concept of organic farming and do not use chemicals in our production. Come get your hands on the dirt and participate in the plantation or harvest of our vegetables and fruits. Take this opportunity to get to know one of the best mangoes in the world, which few Portuguese know, is born in the Algarve, and is fantastic.

Activity Harvest Mercedes Country House
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