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Free Nature Tour

What is that bird there?! Who was singing at my window this morning? When we arrive at a new place, there is so much to discover.

The key to unlock these and many more mysteries of
the local nature is to get the help of a certified local nature guide. 

Come and discover the wild side of Algarve in a small adventure just around the House or in some of the best hotspots for biodiversity in the region, in a free nature tour, based on the “free walking tours” concept.

Algarve by night - Stargazing

Have you ever wandered through the stars at night?

There is so much above us and, sometimes, we just forget about it. If you wish to know the old myths the constellations have to tell us or just wonder about their names and what stars and planets are possible to see tonight, the rural area of Algarve is a great place to do it.

With the help of a simple telescope, we will unravel what is impossible to see at the naked eye. You will never look at the sky in the same way again.


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